Who is Heike?

I am a Goddess Painter, Author, Mama, Dog Wrangler, Friend, Recycler, Green Witch in Training,  and “wanna-be” Farmer. One day, when I win the Lottery, I am going to buy myself a nice piece of land and some goats…Heike

For now, I am trying to grow more than just my herbs in my backyard in suburbia. This is BY NO MEANS a gardening blog, because honestly, I kill everything but my herbs. But this year I am getting a little help from my friends, and I am attempting to become more self reliant when it comes to fresh food. I will list my progress, and lots of links to inspire. If it grows in our garden and survives my watering and the dog, it will grow anywhere.

We live as green as we can, recycle, only buy used, use Freecycle, and stay away from fake food and “Made in China”. I homeschool my kids, which is a bonus, because everything we experiment with turns into a science project.

Because of my eclectic career choices, we are a one income family in California….I know, it seems impossible.  That is what inspired this blog. I keep reading about ways to save, clipping coupons, etc, but all of it targets mainstream America. We are not mainstream, and we want to live green. Green is not cheap….

I will tell you what we try, the good and the bad. I am not perfect, so please do not expect perfectionism. I am creative though, so join me on me on my adventure, as I share and blog about everything this family does that makes Mother Gaia breathe a sigh of relief.

Much love,

Heike and her crew


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